The Elzinga Group also innovates online

A new website for each company

Innovation: it’s nothing new to us. We don’t talk about it much, but actually we are really rather innovative at the Elzinga Group. We did feel our website was lagging behind a bit.

So we recently gave it a revamp. You can see the results here: the first in a series of new websites. One for each company of the Elzinga Group. It’s more contemporary, we¬† believe. New technology, a new look and new content. Allowing us to explain what we all actually do and why, in a better and more attractive way. We’re not interested in pride, but we do like our new online presence. Moreover, it allows us to serve our customers better and we think that’s the best reason for this change.

Also out now is one for the enthusiasts, going back nearly 70 years: the history of the Elzinga Group.