CO2 footprint and emissions inventory

CO2 footprint and emissions inventory

Elzinga Group has a certificate corresponding to level 3 on the CO2 performance ladder 2.2.
You can find details and additional information below. The information is only in Dutch available. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to  contact us.

–     CO2 policy statement;

o   2.B.4-1 Management statement

–     CO2 footprint;

o   3.A.1-1 Emissions inventory 2013

o   3.A.1-1 Emissions inventory 2012

o   3.A.2 1 Emissions inventory 2012

o   3.A.1-1 Emissions inventory 2014

o   3.A.1-2 Emissions inventory report 2014

o   3.A.2-1 Verification of emissions inventory 2012

–         The CO2 reduction targets (and progress towards them);

o   3.B.1-1 CO2 reduction target 2017

–     The CO2 reduction measures (and progress towards them);

o   3.C.2-1 communication plan

–     Actions and initiatives.

o   3.D.1-1 Summary of participation in initiatives

CO2 Certificate ECF2014

CO2 Certificate ELG2014

CO2 Certificate 2014


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